At Joel C Ma Studio, we welcome you to a world of excellent hairstyling. Positioned at the edge of Golden Triangle and La Jolla, the studio is an open space, filled with natural lights, where clients can relax while they’re pampered and graced by expert hair artists.

Together with Joel’s flawless craftsmanship, you’ll also find some fresh, enthusiastic faces, talented in delivering some ingenious hair services. All the stylists at Joel Ma Studio are handpicked by the salon owner, Joel, and work together as a strong family.

Joel takes each new addition to the team under his wings and trains them personally. The initial emphasis is on the foundational cutting technique, after which their skills are evolved to advanced cutting techniques. We believe in ongoing education. Our hairstylists regularly attend advanced training classes to stay up to date on the newest innovations and the hottest trends, bringing back excellence to our salon. 

Step into salon and rejuvenate in the welcoming environment created by our cheerful, enthusiastic team, just waiting to offer you the highest class of services and bring out the best in you with the professionalism and finesse you deserve.

Whether you want to go for a chic look, or came looking for a more elegant touch, Joel Ma Studio has it all in store for you.

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Our Team


Joel C Ma


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Joel C Ma Hair Studio is the culmination of an artist's dream. Joel C Ma, the heart and brains behind the studio, is one of the best haircut artists and color specialists in San Diego. A former Tony & Guy hair cutting master, he has been delivering phenomenal hairstyling services to clients for more than 25 years. Joel is especially valued for his razor cut and laser-like approach to long and short layered cuts.

It all began when Joel immigrated to the US from Vietnam in 1983. Though he was only 16 and without family, his aspirations were big. Focused on his passion, he was trained and mentored by a master on straight razor cutting technique.


By 2000, his signature razor cut and layering technique were treasured among clients, and by 2010, he was acknowledged as a master color creator and blending artist.

Learning new techniques and delivering his expert skills on different platforms, he always dreamed of a place where he could inspire and mentor other stylists to bring excellence to the haircutting industry. The manifestation of his dreams, in the shape of Joel C Ma Studio, began in 2015. It’s a hair salon where Joel brings brilliance to the hairstyling art through impeccable craftsmanship and brilliant mentoring.

Joel’s wife, LeAnn, is always by his side as the operations manager, while he spreads his knowledge. What sets him apart is his sheer regard for every client’s uniqueness. He excels at conceiving flawless hairstyles, aimed at bringing out the best features of each client.

Whether it’s a client or an employee that walks through the doors of the studio, they leave with something they’ll treasure for life.

Vanesa Gomez


Hair styling and the beauty industry have been a major part of Vanesa’s life ever since she was a little girl. When she younger, she was incredibly fascinated by how her mother and sisters would pour hours into choosing the right dress, putting on the perfect makeup, and styling their hair until it looked classy, sleek, and elegant. Each passing day fueled her interest in the beauty realm to the point that it led her to finish trade school with flying colors in 2017 from Bellus Academy for Cosmetology & Makeup Artistry. Upon formally completing her degree, she was taken under Joel’s wing who sharpened her technical skills in cutting, coloring, and styling hair for men, women, and children.

Her years of formal education at a specialized school, training under a professional hair stylist, and hands-on experience with real clients and customers have allowed Vanesa to transform herself into a stellar hairstylist.

Today, she is proud to be the third generational hairstylist in her family!

Vanessa offers the following services:

  • Balayage

  • Highlights

  • Color Transformation

  • Textured Cuts

  • Blunt Haircuts (inspired by Vidal Sassoon)

Are you intrigued? Check out her work on Yelp and Instagram!

Gabrielle Golz


Gabrielle graduated at the top of her class studying under John Paul Mitchel Systems. Even as a little girl, Gabrielle began experimenting with hair by helping friends and family members get ready before parties and functions. Being from a small town in Montana, she did not have many creative avenues to practice her passion even though she had a natural talent for cutting, coloring, and styling hair. After being trained under Joel, Gabrielle has picked up niche tricks of the trade which have allowed her to become a distinguished hairstylist. Soon after graduation, Gabrielle and her sister packed their bags and moved to California, a dream they had since they were little.

In her free time, Gabrielle enjoys experimenting with new looks, many of which are up and coming trends in the hair industry. She is a master at breathing life into blonde looks through the use of simple but powerful techniques such as highlights and balayage. Gabrielle believes that there is no one-size-fits-all hair styling solution for every customer. She is obsessed with familiarizing herself with each client’s lifestyle, skin tone, facial structure, and other details so that she can create the most flattering and eye-catching look!

Customers report feeling confident and rejuvenated after being styled by Gabrielle. Once you have tasted Gabrielle’s energy in the salon, you will keep coming back for more!

Gary DeYarman

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Master Barber Hairstylist with an exceptional career path. He collaborates with his brother Dr. James DeYarman, a cosmetic surgeon in La Jolla/UTC, as consultant to his patients. Prior to their robotic hair transplants' procedures, he cuts their hair and does follow-up treatments, as needed after the surgeries. Gary is a well-respected stylist in the San Diego business community and to those who appreciate a professional look. Gary has had a solid book of followers for many years. He also partner/owned and managed one of the most popular, trendy hair salons in San Diego for over a decade.  His appreciation for his clients, excellent workmanship and his caring manners are highly valued among his clients and other apprentices in the

Megan Abrams

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Megan has been a stylist for over 15 years. She was born and raised in central Massachusetts and moved to San Diego to become a hairstylist. She has received extensive training in hair color, cutting and styling on both the east coast and the west coast and enjoys attending hair shows to keep her skills fresh and her clients staying modern. Megan is a busy mom of three, so working in the salon is not just a profession for her but is an artistic outlet and a passion. She genuinely cares for each and every one of her clients and prides herself in her hair coloring and highlighting skills.

Zara Haghighatkhah


A true people-loving individual, who greets her clients with a smile, Zara has the ability to bring life and energy out of everyone she meets. She has been one of the natural talents in highlights, color, and cut. She is an amazing hair designer for special events and weddings. She has dedicated her time since 1990 to her clients in the top hair salons in La Jolla and UTC. Zara has an innate ability to choose and create the right color and style that fits her client’s interests and their lifestyles. She has a great number of professional men and women who have enjoyed her high level of energy and her enthusiasm for her artistic work. 

Erin Fitzgerald

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Erin’s experience as a hair-stylist goes back to 2000 when she joined Aveda Institute in Minneapolis for advanced and extensive training. After graduating in 2003, she moved to San Diego to start her career with new perspectives and began assisting Joel C Ma in UTC to become acquainted with Southern California’s lifestyle. Her vibrant and youthful personality attracts clients of all ages, conservative or young and trendy with colorful looks. Her clients enjoy their style when they leave her chair.